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7:23am 12-15-2009
Dr.Yatish Jain
Wonderful site, comprehensive and detail information.
All the best.

4:47am 12-15-2009
Prof. P. L. Jain
Congratulations for preparing such a massive web site. Immense amount of information about all aspects and tenets of Jainism have been collected in a nutshell and presented in a easily understandable form. We are sure, the rich information available on the web site will help young generation to understand theory and practice of Jainism.
7:08am 12-14-2009
Sri jinaya Namah
Good service- great marga Prabhavana- Thanks a lot
7:05am 12-14-2009
i m going to open this site first time as per instructions read somewhere on net
i hope ,it will be according to my satisfaction
wish u and the readers, best of luck
7:02am 12-14-2009
Prof. Dr.Ajithadoss
Sri Jinaya namah
Dear Brother
A great service for the noble cause of Jainism - real Marga Prabhavana.
Samyak Charithr
9:33am 08-02-2009
Anand Morakhia
good work. awesome. i wonder how did u manage to put up so much!!
6:52am 07-14-2009
Nikhilesh Shah
Quite informative
3:15am 07-13-2009
Jigar Vora
Jai Jinendra!
Thank you very much for giving an insight to the religion I have been following for the past 27 years.
8:54pm 07-12-2009
Niranjan Jain
Information given in the website are very good.
12:15pm 07-12-2009
Ritesh Doshi (Qatar)
Its very informative & inspiring.
10:11am 07-12-2009
Chandu Desai
Jai Jinendra: You both have captured essence of Jainism and shared with the community-time very well spent. Hope the young generation as well as the old take full advantage of your most valuable work and get inspired to practice the art of living as prescribed in Jain doctrines.
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