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10:27am 08-19-2014
Vipul P. Mehta
Error in gujrati conversion
it opens in english only
1:19pm 03-13-2013
good website for jain students of mumbai university
11:43pm 03-04-2013
kishor hansraj shah
want suygadang and utradhan sutra gujrati anuvad
1:55am 07-10-2012
varun jain
great website,full of jain knowledge,great work
4:12am 07-08-2012
Asha Mehta
Dear Harendra and Bhavna Shah
Congratulations, as a student of Jainology your website is a good source of information in a nice clear language which a layperson can understand. The study books has some flows in translation and your work has helped me a lot. I am interested in learning more about Prekasha and Anupreksha meditation, your help would be appreciated. Please continue the good work.
9:52pm 06-29-2012
kinjal doshi
great work..its a valley of knowledge..!!d more deep u go, d mor u attain..simply loved it..it just makes me go deeper n deeper n learn as much as possible.jai jinendra jai mahavir
4:56am 06-24-2012
Rohit Maru
The collection is really full of very so valuable knowledge. I admire all those included in building up so worth site on Jainism.

3:50am 10-05-2011
great website...
9:27am 09-03-2011
Tejas Shah
Still it is not possible for guys like us to go through the whole stie as it is vast and it is not affordable for us to spend more time online sitting on cyber cafe,but this is a Great Work.
1:39pm 07-28-2011
Dipesh Shah
Very informative and detailed knowledge of Jainism. Thank you. Reagards, Jai Jinendra.
2:39am 07-11-2011
Jayshree Vora
Very informative.
10:11am 06-28-2011
Very good site , you are spreading the knowledge Thankyou .Jainism has got a very old history before arya came in india . lot of temples are converted example is balaji temple , the idol is of lord Neminath
1:04am 05-24-2010
Dear Harendrabhai, Could you please let me know the author of Nav tatva (Gujarati Version)
Replied on: 8:33am 07-03-2010

References are given in "Namaskar, Bhumika and Aadhar".

11:49pm 05-08-2010
It is great resource......We have taken print out of Nav Tatva and learning it in a group......thank you so much keep on providing more and more things in Gujarati and English
9:28am 12-30-2009
The resources in this website are very fruitful to me. Are there any monthly news letter of this website, I would be happy to join
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